Restore Your Core
& Pelvic Floor

  • This is a 5 week program
  • First steps to building abdominal muscles and strengthening your core after having one or more babies.
  • For women suffering from Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, lower belly bulge, "mommy pouch", and/or have a weak core.
  • Geared towards postpartum women from 5 weeks to 10 years postpartum, but can also be used by non-postpartum people suffering from a weak core.
  • Training schedule that can be performed anywhere, such as your own home or gym.
  • Description of how to perform each exercise
  • Pictures of each exercise, along with detailed descriptions of how to perform each exercise with recommended sets and reps. Suggested cardio is also included.
  • Nutrition Tips and "samples" of how a meal plan is set up for different goals.
  • Available in Print and Mobile (iBooks) viewing.
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase.

ONLY $49.99

NOTE: These plans do not include online personal coaching 
These plans do not include a personalized/customized meal plan

Program comes in PDF format and is provided in a mobile friendly version and one ready to print.

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