The Woman Behind One of Instagram's Best Butts Now Has the Cutest Baby Belly

She's been keeping a major secret from her fans.
by ELIZABETH NARINS Aug 02, 2016 via

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Brittany Perille Yobe, 27, is an Instagram fitness star who posts butt-centric fitness tutorials and sexy selfies to the delight of her more than 861,000 Instagram followers.

While she recently shared the precise workout program she's long used to sculpt her famously round butt, she's been keeping a major secret from her fans until now: The fitness star has exclusively shared with that she and her husband, who've been together for more than 10 years and got married last Christmas Eve, are expecting their first child — yay!

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Brittany just entered her second trimester, which means the baby is due in February, and her baby belly is already starting to pop.

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While it only took Brittany two months to get pregnant, it hasn't been an easy ride. It's one reason why she's kept her pregnancy on the DL since finding out about the baby in the second week of June. "My first trimester was probably one of the hardest experiences of my life," she told "I felt like I was a prisoner trying to escape my own body."

The struggle began around the sixth week of pregnancy when Brittany, who typically goes to her gym nearly every day without a problem, began to notice a rank stench emanating from the other people working out. "I started smelling everyone and everything in the gym. I never knew how badly these people really smelled."

Her mysterious disgust gave way to nausea and vomiting that didn't let up for 4 1/2 bedridden weeks. "Showering was about all I was capable of doing," she says.

While she still has intense food aversions to chicken and various veggies, Brittany is finally feeling well enough to return to her normal gym routine. And apart from easing up on core exercises to prevent diastasis recti (the separating of the abdominal muscles, which can make it more difficult to recover your core strength after pregnancy), she's not planning to change the way she lifts until her bump gets in the way or her doctor advises otherwise. And as of now? She's got the green light.

Although Brittany's Instagram stardom revolves around her body, her greatest concern is keeping up with her posts — not the way she looks in them. "It takes time to get used to seeing a bump where a six-pack has always been, but I don't want to get caught up in how much weight I am gaining. I want to let my doctor keep track of my medical stats, and I'll keep track of how I feel. And no matter how much weight I gain, I know this body is not permanent," she says.

Now that Brittany's back in the saddle and done hiding her baby belly, you can expect lots of fresh fitness posts and foreseeably, baby photos. Here's the first to tide you over — how cute?!

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