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Are you ready to up the ante with ALL-NEW progressive core + pelvic floor exercises? If so, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!


⬩ this program is for all women & not limited to postpartum mamas 

⬩ jam-packed 5-week program that'll have you building off the core connection & strength you achieved the prior week 

⬩ continues to support women who are working to heal diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction -- leaking, lower belly bulge -- mommy pouch, lower back pain, & essentially all women who have a weak core

⬩ we begin with breathing mechanics, mobility, posture & alignment to optimally prepare your body for deep core + pelvic floor training

⬩ pelvic floor strengthening & releasing exercises

⬩back & deep butt pain releasing exercises as well as alleviating hip pinching

⬩ pictures of each exercise, along with highly detailed descriptions

⬩ highly effective imagery cueing along with additional tips & troubleshooting solutions

all exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home or anywhere

⬩ nutrition tips, how to calculate your macros - for a deeper comprehension, I suggest 7 Diet Interventions to Achieve Your Ultimate Body

⬩ exclusive access to my private Instagram account @corerestorepf.

     ⥽ Contains full video demonstrations + bonus info & exercises.

     ⥽ You'll be joining an incredible community of women where a safe space has been created to ask any troubleshooting questions. You'll also have the ability to read all questions from other women & my responses.

⬩ pelvic floor work can increase sexual satisfaction; longer orgasm, stronger climax



▪︎ long light resistance band

▪︎ short booty band

sliders or paper plates 

▪︎ yoga block 

▪︎ small 9in ball 

▪︎ foam roller is optional


☑︎ reviewed & supported by Pelvic Health Physical Therapists

if you're a newly postpartum mama, healing from post-op or an accident, you'll first need to complete RYC V2 before moving onto V3. If you have not completed my RYC V2 and have never trained your core & pelvic floor before, I encourage you to begin with my V2 first, although it is not a prerequisite.

☑︎ downloadable immediately after purchasing

☑︎ program only comes in a downloadable PDF format & is provided in a mobile-friendly version - one ready to print

☒ plan does not include online personal coaching or a personalized/customized meal plan