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    The most comprehensive ultimate booty building program offered by Brittany Perille.


    The details:

    ✓ The program for those seeking MAXIMUM results

    ✓ Exercises that require a gym membership

    ✓ 8-week program that can be cycled indefinitely

    ✓ Consists of multiple photos with highly detailed descriptions of each exercise with recommended sets and reps

    ✓ Brittany's unique gluteal stretching techniques to maximize your development

    ✓ Includes a list of optional cardio with Brittany's favorite High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises

    ✓ Vital nutrition tips that include a guide to meal preparation, how to count your macros & over a dozen sample meal plans 

    ✓ Access to Brittany's Private Instagram account containing video demonstrations of all exercises in the program

    Required Equipment: Short Resistance Bands, Dumbbell, Barbell, Weight Plates, Bench, Squat Sponge (Padding to Protect Hips), Access to Smith Machine, Access to Cable Machine. Most of these items should be found in your gym. For resistance bands & hip-thrusting protection, see perillegrade


    ✖️ Plan does not include online personal coaching 

    ✖️ The Ultimate Program is solely for gluteal development. It is not a full body program. 

    ✖️ Plan does not include a personalized/customized meal plan

    ✓ Program comes in PDF format and is provided in a mobile-friendly version and one ready to print.