Foam Rolling

  • An effective, convenient and inexpensive guide to dramatically improve your mobility, range of motion, resilience of your muscles and even posture.
  • Relieve tight muscles and reduce soreness so you can train harder, better and more frequently.
  • Includes foam-rolling moves for a ‘self-myofascial release’, relaxing overactive muscles in order to re-balance your body.
  • Caters to various lifestyles from weight lifters to those who are sedentary.
  • This guide includes pictures with written descriptions of each exercise along with a break down of how and when to roll each muscle group.
  • A foam roller is the only required equipment needed to perform the exercises. Information regarding where to purchase (online) and the type of foam roller you can use is found in the guide.
  • This guide does not include/require personal online coaching or video demonstration.
  • Available in Print and Mobile (iBooks) viewing.
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase.

ONLY $19.99

NOTE: These plans do not include online personal coaching 
These plans do not include a personalized/customized meal plan

Program comes in PDF format and is provided in a mobile friendly version and one ready to print.