The Glutes Bundle

The Ultimate Program V2 &
Resistance Bands Program V2

  • Conquer your glute goals in any environment! This package contains both of Brittany Perille's Resistance Bands V2 Program and Ultimate V2 Program bundled at a discounted price. 

ONLY $109.99

NOTE: These plans do not include online personal coaching nor a personalized/customized meal plan.
These Programs are solely for gluteal development. They are not a full body program.
Required Equipment: Short Resistance Bands, Dumbbelll, Barbell, Weight Plates, Bench, Squat Sponge (Padding to Protect Hips), Access to Smith Machine, Access to Cable Machine. Most of these items should be found in your gym.

Programs come in PDF format and are provided in a mobile friendly version and a version ready to print.