I started using the glute guide this summer and honestly loved it so much! I've noticed a huge difference and actually went from a size 4 in lululemon leggings to a size 6. This is insane to me because I have always struggled to keep weight on. And mixing this program with about 2200 calories a day, I've seen a lot of growth. I've been consistently rotating through the plan since June and occasionally add in a reload week too. Brittany is honestly the best fairy glute mother! 

-Jessica R.

I started Brittany's PF V2 program when I was 3 weeks postpartum and completed it when I was 9 weeks postpartum and loved it. I had gained a couple more kilos during the pregnancy than I had wanted, and have also been battling postpartum depression. I had faced traumas during my pregnancy and after my baby boy was born we faced tremendous hardships with not being able to breastfeed. These events in turn had left me with postpartum depression but I am not letting it get me down. We as women don’t know how strong we truly are and what were capable of. I have learned so much about myself during my pregnancy and now as a single mother and I hope every mother out there appreciates and loves herself the way she deserves. The one thing that Brittany's program taught me was to keep pushing and to keep showing up for myself every single day. Despite how low I was feeling I gathered courage to at least exercise using your program and to take time out for me. In turn, I started to respect myself and my body more. Watching it grow and house my baby healthily, to healing and returning back to shape after birth has truly given me a new level of respect for my body. To all mums out there please know your worth. We are all truly amazing. ❤️

On the left are the photos taken 3 weeks postpartum at 82kg and the photos on the right are taken today at 13 weeks postpartum and at 71kg. My goal is 66kg, I’m almost there 💪🏻🥰.

-Deniz C.

This program has saved my body. Pregnancy wreaked havoc on my long, thin frame. My youngest child is eight years old, and I had unknowingly been suffering from severe Diastasis symptoms for years (hernia, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, lower back pain, tilted pelvis, poor posture, knee pain etc). Little did I know that all these symptoms and more were connected to the 4 finger wide, and 1.5in deep hole in my stomach!!!! No doctor ever told me until recently once I started looking into surgical options. But I know how amazing our bodies our at healing themselves, so I decided to do more research on alternative options to surgery once I knew what to look for. 

When I found Brittany's Instagram, saw her body type (similar to mine) and the work she had accomplished on her own body, I just had to get your program. Just 6 weeks in, and my gap has shrunk to about 2 fingers!!! The progress is insane!!!! I wish I would have found you so many years ago when I needed help and didn't know what I needed. Thank you so much for being willing to invest and share in the wealth of having a healthy, functioning body as a woman and mother. Brittany, you have inspired, empowered, and healed me and so many others. I am forever grateful, Brittany.

-Candice R.

I am a mom of two boys. I know every body is different, and we each should appreciate and maximize what we are given. That being said, I also appreciate the hell out of Brittany's physique and her drive. She's the reason I have embraced hip thrusts as a must!! Her progress motivates me to keep going and to not give up on maximizing my own potential.

I very much enjoy how she incorporates different hip thrusts variations into her programs ( I have home, gym, and pelvic floor programs) since we all know the thrust is really where booty growth is at 🤪😍

Thank you, Brittany, for always showing up as an example for all of us (I know mom life can be time-consuming) and for sharing all your secrets, tips, and tricks 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I'll always keep coming back! These pictures are 2 months apart.

-Amber C.

I gained some weight in the beginning of the quarantine 😬. Didn’t have a structured workout routine or follow a program. So I worked on losing the weight for a few months then added Brittany's program in Dec 2020. Love it! Just about everything improved since I started it....my back, my core are stronger, it even helped with my posture. Going into the 5th round of her core program next week. Thank you, Brittany, for your guidance!

-Cyntia Guthrie

I gave birth to my firstborn in June of 2018 and knew then that I had DR after giving birth to her but didn’t know about Brittany's program at the time. I got pregnant again with my son before my firstborn turned 1 and my body never had a chance to fully recover beforehand. After I gave birth to my son I was so devastated with how my body looked and learned that my DR had gotten worse. After doing some research, I found Brittany's program and began implementing it almost immediately. I am still healing my core but have made so much progress and continue to do so! The pictures on the left was a few days PP and the ones on the right were this morning 16 months PP!

-Jessica N.

I have just completed Brittany's Restore Your Core Program V2. I have four children ranging from 6 to 13 years of age. I have done both her Resistance Bands V2 program, and her Restore Your Core V2 program. Honestly, I loved the Resistance Bands program so much, that a few weeks in, I decided to purchase her core program as well! Both programs are so well planned out and so easy to follow. I notice that I use my core a lot in the Resistance Bands program, so the two really go hand in hand!

"I'm 6 years postpartum with my 4th baby. All of my babies were big, but my third was a whopping 10 pounds, so I have been stretched to the limit and have a lot of excess skin. I started my fitness journey a year postpartum, which was 5 years ago now. I had (and still have) diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. My abdominal separation has improved through the years, but it is still there when I check for it. I am, however, able to properly engage my core for MOST exercises without coning. I have been fairly consistent and active over the past 5 years. During that time, I have completed another well known postpartum program, but I realize now after doing Brittany's program that I was not fully and properly engaging my TVA and pelvic floor. The cues you shared on how to properly engage have made ALL the difference!"

"I feel strong, confident, sexy and proud of the progress I've made so far! Thank you Brittany, for making such amazing programs that I can do in the comfort of my own home, but that are also challenging and produce great results!

-Marie B.