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This is the home-based, resistance band version to The Ultimate (Glute) Program V2


The details:

✓Exercises that can be performed in your very own home or at the gym

✓ 8-week program that can be cycled indefinitely

✓ Consists of multiple photos with highly detailed descriptions of each exercise with recommended sets and reps

✓ Brittany's unique gluteal stretching techniques to maximize your development

✓ Includes a list of optional cardio with Brittany's favorite High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises

✓ Vital nutrition tips that include a guide to meal preparation, how to count your macros & over a dozen sample meal plans 

✓ Access to Brittany's Private Instagram account @brittanyperillev2 containing video demonstrations of all exercises in the program

▻ Required Equipment: Short Resistance Bands, Long Resistance Bands see perillegrade


✖️Plans does not include online personal coaching 

✖️ The Ultimate Program is solely for gluteal development. It is not a full-body program. 

✖️ Plans does not include a personalized/customized meal plan

✓  Program comes in PDF format and is provided in a mobile-friendly version and one ready to print.