Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor V2 Program

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This is a 5-week program to strengthen and reconnect to your deep core & pelvic floor. 


The details:

✓ Reviewed and supported by Pelvic Health Physical Therapists

✓ First steps to restrengthening and reconnecting to your deepest inner core muscles and pelvic floor after one or more pregnancies

✓ Geared towards postpartum women from 2 weeks pp to 10+ years pp but is essentially beneficial for all women who are unable to connect to their deep inner core unit and pelvic floor

✓ Ideal workout program for both caesarean and vaginal deliveries- as well as nulliparous women wanting to strengthen and learn proper core function (so important!)

✓Created for women suffering from diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, lower belly buldge “mommy pouch”, lower back pain, and all other women who have a weak core

✓Training schedule with exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your own home or anywhere

✓ Pictures of each exercise, along with detailed descriptions of how to perform each exercise with recommended sets and reps

✓ Nutrition tips, how to calculate your macros and samples of how a meal plan is set up to reach your goals

✓ Available in print and mobile (iBooks) viewing

✓ Downloadable immediately after purchasing

✓ Exclusive access to my private Instagram account @restoreyourcorepf with full video demonstrations and bonus info and exercises 

Required equipment: long light resistance band, towel, small 9-inch yoga ball (or grab your kids' squishy ball), large stability ball (55-75cm), sliders (paper plates work as well), a yoga mat is optional


✖️Plan does not include online personal coaching 

✖️ Plan does not include a personalized/customized meal plan

✓  Program comes in PDF format and is provided in a mobile-friendly version and one ready to print.

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