Hi, I’m Brittany

I help women highly develop their glutes, strengthen their cores, & guide them through pregnancy + postpartum


Success Stories

“I hope you are doing well ️ Just wanted to give you an update on my progress with my journey! My pelvic floor and core have never felt so strong. I truly feel my pelvic floor and core is better than what it was before having my baby boy! I still utilize your pf program after completing it when I sent you the first email, and still continue to love the exercises and knowledge it has given me 🤓

In the first photo I was 71kg. The second photo 64kg! have beaten my initial goal of 66kg and am so happy about my progress. At the beginning of my journey was 82kg, SO I've lost 16kg total! Without your program don't think I would have had the motivation to achieve this. So thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting so much information in the program, I couldn't be more grateful ❤️💞 truly love the amount of awareness it has given me of my pelvic floor, core and overall mental, and physical health!”

“Hello, hello!! 😀

I am a mom of two boys. I know every body is different and we each should appreciate and maximize what we are given. That being said, I also appreciate the hell out of your physique and your drive. You're the reason have embraced hip thrusts as a must!! Your progress motivates me to keep going and to not give up on maximizing my own potential.
I very much enjoy how you incorporate various different hip thrusts variations into your programs ( I have home, gym, and pelvic floor programs) since we all know the thrust is really where booty growth is at 🤪😍

Thank you for always showing up as an example for all of us (I know mom life can be time consuming) and for sharing all your secrets, tips, and tricks 🙌🙌 I'll always keep coming back!

These pictures are 2 months apart”

“I am a mom of four and adore you and your program!

I am entering the restore your core contest. I bought your program a few months ago and it has changed my life. I didn't realize how weak my core was after my 4th baby in 5 years. Before the program couldn't do a side plank, squats, lunges, or pelvic thrusts without pain, pinching or a weak feeling in my pelvic muscles. I have always worked out a ton and thought that was enough. Your program restored the health in my pelvis and surrounding ligaments. I almost thought about going to see a doctor for surgery of some sort before that. Jumping, planks, squats, sex and orgasms have all gotten sooo much better since I started. Also my core looks 100 x more defined! have attached my progress pictures. would love to win this because I have worked so damn hard on my core with your program! Thank you for inspiring me everyday through my pregnancies!”

“I used your ultimate glute program to tone my booty up for my fitness competition!”

“Hi Brittany I am so excited to show you my results!

I had a C section a year ago and never thought my stomach could look this good! The restore your core program has helped me so much I can't wait to do v3. My stomach feels so tight I use to have ti where a back support belt while lifting and squatting but sense I finished the program no longer use it. I feel like I can breath so much better while lifting.

Thank you Brittany!!

Here is my before and after I lost 10 pounds while doing this!”

“I've bought you greater glutes program not too long ago, however I've been following you on lG for years and adopted many of your exercises to my routine. It's unfortunate that my local gym have been closed for a while now due to COVID, but I've been consistently doing your resistance band program. I'm sure I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of what accomplished so far, thanks to you!”



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Meet Brittany

Brittany Yobe, recognized in the fitness industry as Brittany Perille, is a CPT residing in southern California. Brittany attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, supporting herself as a personal trainer at a local gym during the time. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in sociology, anthropology, & psychology, later deciding to pursue a career in the fitness industry.
Brittany received multiple personal training certifications. Utilizing the knowledge she acquired through these certifications & her own personal research, Brittany built a rigorous workout curriculum that transformed her body into its renowned physique.
Brittany is also a pre & postnatal training specialist + a pre & postnatal corrective exercise specialist. Brittany trained herself through both pregnancies, following a prenatal program. She is also certified in metabolic flexibility. Through personally experiencing diastasis recti & having worked to recreate strength + functionality in her core, she has found her passion for pelvic health. Another specialty & passion Brittany has is glute building. With her credentials in pelvic health, she understands the importance of building glute strength beyond aesthetics.
Brittany is also a co-founder of a gym bag accessory line with her sister - Perille Grade.